Salesforce Functions

Use the Salesforce Functions features in VS Code to build event-driven, elastically scalable apps and experiences. You can create and test functions against sample payloads locally in VS Code.

Create Function

Run SFDX: Create Function to create a Salesforce Function in Javascript or Java in a Salesforce DX project.

This command creates a new directory named after your Function name and all the supporting files.

  • VS Code creates the basic scaffolding that contains files with some rudimentary, boilerplate code and supporting metadata.
  • The package.json file contains information about dependencies.

Create Function

Start Function

Run SFDX: Start Function to run the function locally.

Invoke Function

The Salesforce extensions add the Invoke and Debug Invoke CodeLens to a file that is in the correct format to send test events to a Function that is running locally. With one click, you can test a function that is running, by invoking it with a mock payload. You can also debug the function against the payload.

A sample payload.json file that can invoke a function:

Invoke Debug

Stop Function

Stop a function by running SFDX: Stop Function, which simply kills the local process.


For more information see Get Started with Salesforce Functions.

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