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Visualforce is’s component-based framework that allows you to quickly build pages and add UI elements using a custom markup language. Because it is a markup language, you can also embed HTML5 and JavaScript including popular JS frameworks and libraries, making it easy to build visually striking applications that can create, read, update, delete and query Salesforce objects.

Building UIs with Visualforce can be a lot of fun, and learning the tricks just as enjoyable. So, here are some of our most popular and very informational Visualforce video recordings presented by our expert developers. Watching these recordings will help take your Visualforce knowledge to the next level.

Top Visualforce Video Recordings to Watch

1) New to Visualforce, or looking for an introductory refresher? Our Intro to video is a 30-minute introduction to this topic, followed by a great and question and answer session at the end.


2) Looking for a more advance overview on Visualforce? Check out our video on Advanced Visualforce. It takes you through an in-depth tour of  Visualforce, to help you improve page efficiency, and provide you with thorough knowledge of Viewstate, JavaScript Remoting, Asynchronous Apex and the Streaming API.


3) Seeking even more in-depth information on Visualforce? Check out our video recordings on Visualforce & Canvas: Unlock your Web App inside of


4) Finally, check out Visualforce in Salesforce1: Optimizing your User Interface for Mobile where you will explore how you can customize the Salesforce1 Mobile app using Visualforce, as well as learning best practices for developing mobile-optimized Visualforce pages for Salesforce1.

In addition to these videos, be sure to visit the Visualforce Resource Page, as well as checking out our Developer Events page. We have some new Visualforce related webinars planned in the upcoming months, so please be on the look out!

What can you do with Visualforce? We hope these helpful videos will spark your imagination. If you have any Visualforce-related questions, please post your questions on the Visualforce Discussion Forum or find me on Twitter.

Best Wishes,
Sonia Advani

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