Salesforce is bringing you a completely reimagined experience. TrailheaDX ’20 will be a one-of-a-kind virtual experience that connects makers, builders, doers, and dreamers looking to improve their Salesforce skill set. This year’s event includes exciting new demos, customer testimonials, content episodes featuring the latest technology, Q&A with product experts, awesome networking opportunities, special announcements from Salesforce executives, and an unforgettable broadcast featuring a luminary speaker.

TrailheaDX. It’s new, it’s virtual, it’s live.

We’ll be broadcasting live, interactive, expert-led content across four broadcast channels on June 25 starting at 8:45 a.m. PT. Those channels include Admin, Architect, Developer, and Entrepreneur. You can also check out the virtual expo to explore Salesforce features, what’s new with the platform, our cloud products, how we support sustainability, and of course, the latest on Trailhead and certifications. Use our live Q&A system to get information and answers straight from the people who helped create these new features and products.

Whether you’re planning to join in live or host a virtual watch party with friends, you’ll find a lot in store for Salesforce Developers at TrailheaDX ’20.

Let’s take a look at what you can look forward to.

Virtual TDX For Developers

Main Event

Trailblazing Together, Innovating Through Change
Start your day with the keynote, streaming across all channels. Join host Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM Platform, Trailhead, & AppExchange, and special guests as we look at how Trailblazers across the ecosystem are rapidly building solutions for their businesses in our new normal. We’ll show you how the Customer 360 Platform is your key to success with it now being more important than ever to innovate fast, scale with confidence, and empower everyone to build on the platform. Don’t miss this keynote packed with special guests, Trailblazers, and product announcements. Follow along with the Keynote Watch at Home Guide available here on June 25, before the broadcast begins.

Developer Channel

While tuned into the developer channel, you’ll learn about the low-code and pro-code resources and tools you can use to develop industry-leading enterprise apps, get the latest guidance on how to innovate through change, and see what’s possible with the Customer 360 Platform, straight from Salesforce product managers and engineers.

Build Integrated and Scalable Apps using Salesforce Functions
Speakers: Asavari Tayal, Product Management Director; Joe Kutner, Software Engineering Architect
Salesforce Functions is a new addition to the platform that gives users the ability to extend their existing solutions by building custom code applications using serverless Functions. Functions are event-driven, elastically scalable, and can be written in a language of your choice such as Node.js, Java or Apex. They provide seamless access to data in your org and can be integrated with other low-code and pro-code services. Join us to learn more about the exciting new capabilities of Functions.

Improving Quality of Life: Apex Updates to Ship Better Code, Faster
Speakers: Kevin Poorman, Developer Evangelist; Chris Peterson, Product Management Director
Learn about a new language operator coming in Winter ’21, as well at the latest on what’s possible when leveraging the transaction finalizers pilot.

Ask the Experts: Developer Experience on the Customer 360 Platform
Speakers: Heather Dykstra, Developer Program Manager; Claire Bianchi, Product Management Director; Michael Friis, Product Management Senior Director; Kevin Hill, Product Management Senior Director; Alba Rivas, Developer Evangelist
We’ve been hard at work here at Salesforce to unify your developer experience, laser focused on enhancing what works today and expanding our tools to be more inclusive of the things you need to be your most productive. Join us to ask about what is happening in development globally, as well as your questions about the newest enhancements and announcements around the Salesforce Developer Experience. Do you have an idea or topic you’d like to ask for one of the Ask the Experts sessions? Head to to submit your questions!

How to Harness Einstein Vision and Language in Any App
Speakers: Sarin Devraj, Associate Product Marketing Manager; Einstein, Zineb Laraki, Senior Product Manager; Jimmy Au, Senior Product Manager, Einstein
What if you could predict everything your customer felt, expressed, and needed from a block of text or an image? Words and images are powerful snippets of data. With Einstein Vision & Language, you can iterate quickly to build the most accurate models without the complexity of managing and maintaining their infrastructure. Join us to learn how to leverage these APIs to make your applications smarter across industry use-cases to automate and streamline workflows. This session will cover specific applications around our Einstein OCR (optical character recognition), Einstein Image Classification, Einstein Intent, and Einstein Sentiment.

Do More With Less Code Using Salesforce APIs
Speakers: Kris Harrison, Product Management Director
Ready for a surfing safari through the wild world of Salesforce APIs? APIs are critical to just about any app or business process, but there’s a lot more to what Salesforce provides than REST or SOAP. Join us for the API primer you’ve dreamed of, as we take you beyond the basics into the deep waters of APIs. We’ll show you how we’re helping you do more with less code using newer APIs like Composite Graph and the Composite API, and talk a bit about how we’re helping you innovate faster with less effort through changes to API limits and brand new, never before seen features for SOQL. You’ll see live demos, API roadmaps, and walk away ready to do less and benefit more!

Build and Run Trusted Web Apps Anywhere with Lightning Web Stack
Speakers: Kevin Hill, Product Management Senior Director
In today’s environment, developers want to use their favorite tools to innovate fast, however, speed often comes at the cost of security and governance required for enterprise-grade solutions. This is where Lightning Web Stack comes in, a collection of open, web standards-based modules and services designed to build and run enterprise apps anywhere. Join this episode to learn how you can build amazing experiences fast without sacrificing trust. We will start with an LWC component inside Salesforce and show how you can deploy the same component onto a Heroku app.

Salesforce Heroku Extends Your CRM to Deliver Seamless Customer Experiences
Speakers: Julián Duque, Lead Developer Advocate
Join us to hear about how Sales and Service teams work in sync to deliver consistent and personalized experiences to their customers. With a seamless connection to CRM data, customers can interact bi-directionally with their data through highly engaging apps. The Customer 360 Platform provides the flexibility for developers to choose their choice of development language and easily collaborate with remote teams to ship features faster.

Unlock Developer Productivity with Modern, Open Tooling
Speakers: Nathan Totten, Senior Director of Product Management; Stephanie Maddox, Senior Product Manager
One of the most important things you can do as someone who builds on Salesforce is to fully understand the tools at your disposal. But with so many different options to choose from, we can understand if the task feels daunting. In this session, we’re going to take you on a fast, focused, and demo-centric tour of all of the latest innovations in the world of developer tools. You’ll see how we’re empowering you to work the way you want, from where you want, with our powerful extensions for VS Code, the Salesforce CLI, Local Development, and more. We’ll also give you a first look at new capabilities that will empower you to be even more productive than ever before, and talk about our open roadmap for the tools you already know and love. You’ll walk away ready to build, debug, and deploy new apps faster, more productively, and on your terms.

Blockchain for Developers: Building an Intercompany Transaction Network
Speakers: Doc Tran, VP Finance; Madhu Seela, Senior Architect; Sudeep Verma, Senior Developer
Pull back the curtains on how Salesforce Finance used blockchain to build an inter-company transaction network to strengthen controls and reduce reconciliation efforts on all transactions made across company entities worldwide. Through the lens of Salesforce Finance, you will learn how to use Salesforce Blockchain to automate and execute processes, reduce the burden of excess infrastructure, and harness the full power of the Customer 360 Platform.

Salesforce Analytics Developer Experience
Speakers: Skip Sauls, Senior Director of Product Management; Geraldine Zanolli, Tableau Developer Advocate
Einstein Analytics and Tableau have a set of APIs and Developer Tools which enable developers to extend the capabilities of what you can do with your data. In this session, we will show you how to use EA and Tableau APIs to unleash the power of these two tools combined.

Admin, Architect, and Ecosystem channels

Don’t forget to check out the content on our other channels as well. The Architect channel is all about what you need to know now to guide your teams and customers through change. Tune into the Admin channel to learn about the latest innovations on the platform in automation, app building, mobile, security, analytics and more, straight from the product managers who built them. Finally, on the Community & Ecosystem channel, learn how to drive your company’s digital transformation, develop faster than ever with the Customer 360 Platform, leverage best-in-class apps and solutions from AppExchange, discover new marketable skills, and earn resume-worthy Salesforce credentials with Trailhead.

True to the Core wrap session

Join Salesforce executives Bret Taylor, President & Chief Operating Officer, Parker Harris, Co-founder and CTO, Sarah Franklin, EVP & GM Platform, Trailhead, & AppExchange, and Salesforce Product Managers for the True to the Core session. We will round out TrailheaDX with this opportunity to virtually engage with our execs and get your questions answered.

Do you have an idea or topic you’d like addressed during the live True to the Core session? Head to to submit your questions!

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