2023 was a massive year for Salesforce Developers. There were lots of exciting new features, big improvements to things like Lightning Web Components, and of course, plenty of new tools and capabilities that leverage Artificial Intelligence.

Every year in January, we celebrate the best content highlights from the previous year and bring them to you with ‘The Codeys’. 🏆

Read on to see the list, and catch up on any you missed last year!

Einstein for Salesforce Developers

Discover how generative AI and Einstein are revolutionizing what it means to build applications on the Salesforce platform.

Einstein for Salesforce Developers

Enable CDN to Load Lightning Experience Faster

Content Delivery Networks help reduce the load time of content by storing cached versions in multiple geographic locations.

They’re easy to enable, too. Learn how in the popular blog post by Ahmed Ghanem.

Enable CDN to Load Lightning Experience Faster

Salesforce Code Builder is Generally Available

Code Builder is a web-based IDE preloaded with Salesforce languages and frameworks that became Generally Available in 2023.

Check out the blog post to see how Code Builder makes it easy to build from anywhere.

Salesforce Code Builder is Now Generally Available

Unlocking Data Cloud Permissions

Watch the hit YouTube video by Danielle Larregui to learn how to use Data Cloud Permissions and use them to give and restrict access to your Data Cloud users. 🔒 

Unlocking Data Cloud Persmissions

HTTP Requests from Lightning Web Components with the Fetch API

Another fan-favorite video from 2023 is this Developer Quick Take by Julián Duque.

Watch and learn how to create HTTP requests from Lightning Web Components with the Fetch API.

 Skip navigation Search 9+ Avatar image 0:00 / 6:15 HTTP Requests from LWC with the Fetch API

That’s a wrap for 2023!

But there’s a lot more to explore: Listen to the podcast, dig into more posts on the blog, or get skilled-up on Trailhead.

We hope you enjoyed being part of the Salesforce Developers community last year, and can’t wait to share even more with you in 2024.

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