OCAPI Custom Properties

The Open Commerce API allows you to set custom properties of business objects in input documents and to read custom properties in output documents. Whether a business object supports custom properties can be found at the document description. If the document contains a header (supports custom properties) in the documentation, then custom properties can be set or read via the document. Custom properties are always marked with the prefix c_ and have therefore their own namespace.

The example below shows a document response including some custom properties in OCAPI:

The following value types are supported in OCAPI for input and output of custom properties.

  • Text
  • String
  • Enum of Strings
  • Set of Strings
  • Integer
  • Enum of Integers
  • Set of Integers
  • Double
  • Set of Doubles
  • Boolean
  • EMail
  • Password
  • Date
  • Date+Time

The value types HTML and Image are only supported as output, but not as input value type for custom properties in OCAPI.