Get Started with Prompt Builder

Simplify your users’ daily tasks by integrating generative AI, powered by prompt templates, into workflows. Create, test, revise, customize, and manage prompt templates that incorporate your CRM data from merge fields that reference record fields, flows, related lists, and Apex. Prompt Builder helps you to make effective prompts that safely connect you and your data with LLMs.

Use the following links to learn how to call a prompt template using an invocable action, the Connect API, or Connect in Apex.

Get started developing great solutions using prompt templates with these videos and blog posts.

Use actions to call a prompt template from anywhere on the Salesforce Platform.

Integrate third-party web applications with prompt templates using Connect REST API.

Use Connect in Apex to call a prompt template from Apex code.

Use Metadata API to move prompt templates between sandbox and production orgs during the development process.