TMF620 Product Catalog Management

The Product Catalog Management API allows the management of the entire lifecycle of the catalog elements, the consultation of catalog elements during several processes such as ordering process, campaign management, and sales management.

The Product Catalog Management API is certified by TM Forum. Certification

Ensure you complete these prerequisites before using the TMF620 API:

You must have at least one of these licenses:

  • Permission Set Licenses for Shared Product Catalog and Industries CPQ provisioned in your Salesforce org.
  • A Managed Package License assigned to the API user.

Install the TMF620 multipack and Attribute Category datapacks. See TMF620 datapacks.

Note: In API version 57.0, the TMF620 multipack includes these TMF620 resources:

  • Catalog
  • Category
  • Product Offering
  • Product Offering Price
  • Product Specification

Attribute Category is a stand-alone data pack.

If you are using Salesforce API version 58.0 and later, TMF620 API are available as static resources. Import the TMF620 static resources to your Salesforce org. See Import TMFOpenAPI Static Resources.

To access and use the TMF620 API:

  1. Accept Terms and Enable Access
  2. Authorize Access
  3. Call the API
  4. View TMF620 API Specification
  5. Extend the API