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  • The TMF620 API provides a standardized client interface to Product Catalog Management Systems, which allows the management of the entire lifecycle of the catalog elements, the consultation of catalog elements during several processes such as ordering process, campaign management, and sales management.
  • Following block diagram provides a high-level overview of how the various components are involved in handling TMF 620 API operations (GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE).

TMF620 Components

You can perform GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE operations on the following resources using TMF620 API:

  • Catalog
  • Category
  • Product Offering
  • Product Offering Price
  • Product Specification

In general, we can consider the various use cases listed based on the operation you want to perform.

It is assumed that you have completed the following.

Following block diagram provides a sequence of operations involved. Sequence


  • For mandatory fields and resource mappings, refer TMF620 Resource Mappings.
  • For more information on supported Integration Procedures, Data Raptors, Apex Interfaces, Custom Metadata, refer Extend TMF620 API documentation.