TMF621 Trouble Ticket Management API

The TMF Trouble Ticket API (TMF 621) provides a standardised client interface to Trouble Ticket Management Systems for creating, tracking and managing trouble tickets as a result of an issue or problem identified by a customer or another system.
The API supports the ability to send requests to create a new trouble ticket specifying the nature and severity of the trouble or issue as well as all necessary related information. The API also includes mechanisms to search for and update existing trouble tickets.

The Trouble Ticket Management API is certified by TM Forum. Certification

For the supported TMF Open API release and specification version, see Industry API Version.

TMF621 resources are available as static resources. Import the TMF621 components to your Salesforce org. See Import TMFOpenAPI Static Resources.

To access and use the TMF621 API:

  1. Accept Terms and Enable Access
  2. Authorize Access
  3. Call the API
  4. View TMF621 API Specification
  5. Extend the API