TMF648 Customer Quote Management API

The Customer Quote Management API (TMF648) provides a standardized client interface for placing a customer quote with all of the necessary quote parameters. A customer quote is created based on a product offer that is defined in a catalog (POST). The quote identifies the product or set of products that are available to a customer, and includes characteristics such as pricing (eventually special pricing for the customer described in the quote), product options and agreement. You can also retrieve a customer quote or a collection of customer quotes (GET List) depending on the filter criteria.

The Customer Quote Management API is certified by TM Forum.


For the supported TMF Open API release and specification version, see Industry API Version.

TMF648 resources are available as static resources. Import the TMF648 components to your Salesforce org. See Import TMFOpenAPI Static Resources.

To access and use the TMF648 API:

  1. Accept Terms and Enable Access
  2. Authorize Access
  3. Call the API
  4. View TMF622 API Specification.
  5. Extend the API