Data Mappers

Integration Procedures use Data Mapper transformations to convert the TMF format to specific mappings that can be extended. You can use Data Mappers on the GET, POST, and PATCH methods of the following resources:

  • Product specification
  • Product Offering
  • Product Offering Price
  • Catalog
  • Category

In case of additional mappings, you can configure the IPs without modifying the code.
Note: You can extend only the root resources and not the sub-resources.

To create additional mappings, extend the following Data Mappers:

Example: Extend the POST method of the Product Specification resource

  1. If a new field CustomField__c is passed in the POST request of Product Specification, add a new custom field CustomField__c on the sObject Product2.
  2. Update the TMF-TMForumProductSpecificationRequestTransform Data Mapper and add the relevant mapping.