Integration Procedures

Use Integration Procedures (IP) to extend the GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE methods of these resources:

  • Product Catalog
  • Product Category
  • Product Offering
  • Product Offering Price
  • Product Specification

You can add pre-hooks or post-hooks to these IPs:

You can use the hooks for pre-validations or to create additional resources post the transaction of the main entity.

Example: Extend POST Method of the Product Specification Resource

The POST method of the ProductSpecification resource creates the following objects:

  • Product2
  • ProductChildItem__c
  • ProductRelationship__c
  • AttributeAssignment__c
  • Attribute__c
  • VlocityAttachment__c

If you want to extend this API to create a new object CustomObject__c, create a new IP or remote action which will have the relevant mappings and insert the CustomObject__c record next to the element ProductSpecificationResponseTransform of the IP TMF-TMForumCreateProductSpecification. Modify the response elements of the IP accordingly.