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Salesforce Healthcare API enables you to securely connect and interact with any system that uses FHIR APIs.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a healthcare data standard with an API for representing and exchanging electronic health records (EHR). FHIR is an information network that lets you link data across systems and a communication network that lets you exchange data between systems.

For more details about FHIR, see the most recently published version of the FHIR specification.

Salesforce Healthcare API includes these resources:

  • The Administration resources include the base data that can be linked with the other modules, such as clinical content, finance, and billing workflow. The Administration resources are:

    • Patient
    • Practioner
    • PractionerRole
    • Encounter
    • Organization
    • Location
  • The Clinical Diagnostics resources provide an overview and guide to the FHIR content that addresses ordering and reporting of clinical diagnostics including laboratory testing, imaging and genomics. The Clinical Diagnostic resources are:

    • Observation
    • DiagnosticReport
  • The Clinical Summary resources represent core clinical information for a patient. This information is frequently documented, created, or retrieved by healthcare providers during the course of clinical care. The Clinical Summary resources are:

    • AllergyIntolerance
    • Condition
    • Procedure
  • The Clinical Workflow resources focus on the coordination of activities within and across systems. The Clinical Workflow resources are:

    • ServiceRequest
    • MedicationRequest
  • The Medication resources identify and define a medication. Healthcare providers use this information to prescribe, dispense, and administer a medication. They also use it to make statements about medication use. The Medication resources are:

    • Medication
    • Immunization
    • MedicationStatement
  • The Prior Authorization resources authorize the provisioning of products or services to a patient and manage healthcare processes, such as claim inquiry and claim submission.

The Salesforce Healthcare API are currently deployed on these data centers:

  • US East
  • EU
  • CA

To use Salesforce Healthcare API:

  1. Accept terms and enable access
  2. Authorize the client app
  3. Call the API