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AMPscript Personalization Strings Related to the Sender

AMPscript includes several strings that you can use to personalize the messages that you send to your subscribers. For a complete list of supported strings, see Personalization Strings in Email Studio.

This table shows some of the most commonly used strings related to the sender of the message.

memberidYour account ID (MID).98765
replynameYour reply name, as defined in your account settings.NTO Support
replyemailaddressYour reply email
member_busname, member_addr, member_city, member_state, member_postalcode, and member_countryThe data entered in the Address in Email Footer fields located in your Account Information workspace. If you're creating an email based on a standard template, this data is included by default in the email footer.Northern Trail Outfitters, 415 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105, United States