Get Started with Marketing Cloud

This developer guide describes API functionality in Growth Edition. If you can’t access the features in this guide, contact Salesforce Customer Support.

Marketing Cloud (Growth Edition) is an application that brings the power of the Salesforce platform to your organization’s marketing efforts. Work with Salesforce leads and contacts, create campaigns, and integrate with Data Cloud to load and harmonize data from multiple sources.

The product formerly known as Marketing Cloud is now called Marketing Cloud Engagement. Marketing Cloud Growth Edition, Marketing Cloud Engagement, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement use different APIs that aren’t compatible with each other.

For more information about developing for Marketing Cloud Engagement, see Marketing Cloud Engagement APIs and SDKs.

For more information about developing for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, see Account Engagement API.

Learn when, why, and how to use APIs to interact with Marketing Cloud.

Various admins are required to configure Marketing Cloud, including a Salesforce admin, a Data Cloud admin, and optionally a marketing admin.

To interact with Marketing Cloud using APIs, configure your development environment.

After you connect to an API, you’re ready to start managing your data and assets in Marketing Cloud.