Register an Endpoint for Custom Journey Builder Component

After you know the hosted endpoint for your custom activity or event UI, you must register that endpoint in an installed package. To add events or activities to an existing app, add them as components in the same package.

Configuration changes to endpoints in your installed package don't apply to existing custom activities already configured in your account. To apply changes to your installed package, reconfigure the custom activity in a new journey version.

  1. Create an installed package or navigate to an existing package.
  2. Under Components, click Add Component.
  3. Select Journey Builder Activity or Journey Builder Entry Source.
  4. Type a Name and Description for the activity or entry source. This name isn't displayed on the Journey Builder canvas. We recommend that you give the activity or entry source the same name here as in the config.json file.
  5. For activities, select a category to determine which section the activity appears under on the Journey Builder Canvas. If a category is specified in the config.json file for the activity, that category overrides the value that you select here.
  6. For Endpoint URL, enter the base URL for your application. Journey Builder loads all assets relative to this endpoint.
  7. Save the component.