The Subscriber object is a single instance of a person subscribed to receive email or SMS communication. When using the Describe method on a Subscriber object, the ExtendedProperties property contains the definitions for all of the data profile and preference attributes defined by a client.

  • To update a Subscriber with a SubscriberType of 1 or 2 and a SFIntegrationVersion less than 2, you need the Email | Integrations | Salesforce CRM | Resubscribe permission.
  • To update a Subscriber with a SubscriberType of 4, 5, or 6 and the MSCRMIntegration feature enabled, you need the Email | Integrations | Microsoft CRM | Resubscribe permission.
  • All Subscriber objects require at minimum a value for EmailAddress (and SubscriberKey, if that feature is enabled for your account) for Create calls involving email messages.
  • For SMS subscribers, you must include a valid value for SubscriberKey.
  • For Update and Delete calls, you must identify the subscriber via a valid EmailAddress, SubscriberKey, or ID.
  • In addition, include any attributes required by your account.
  • All Subscriber objects in Enterprise accounts must contain a value for a valid On-Your-Behalf account in the ChannelMemberID property.
  • Review your error messages for more required attributes if necessary.
NameData TypeDescription
AddressesSubscriberAddress[]Indicates addresses belonging to a subscriber, used to create, retrieve, update or delete an email or SMS Address for a given subscriber.
AttributesAttribute[]Specifies attributes associated with an object.
ClientClientIDSpecifies the account ownership and context of an object.
CorrelationIDxsdIdentifies correlation of objects across several requests.
CreatedDatexsdRead-only date and time of the object's creation.
CustomerKeyxsdUser-supplied unique identifier for an object within an object type. This property corresponds to the external key assigned to an object.
EmailAddressxsdContains the email address for a subscriber. Indicates the data extension field contains email address data.
EmailTypePreferenceEmailTypeThe format to use when sending an email to a subscriber. Valid values include:
  • HTML
  • Text
GlobalUnsubscribeCategoryGlobalUnsubscribeCategoryIndicates how the application handles a globally unsubscribed subscriber.
IDxsdRead-only identifier for an object. Some objects use the ObjectID property as a unique ID.
ListsSubscriberList[]Defines lists a subscriber resides on.
LocaleLocaleContains the locale information for an Account. If no location is set, Locale defaults to en-US.
ModifiedDateNullable`1Indicates the last time object information was modified.
ObjectIDxsdSystem-controlled, read-only text string identifier for object.
ObjectStatexsdReserved for future use.
OwnerOwnerDescribes account ownership of subscriber in an on-your-behalf account.
PartnerKeyxsdUnique identifier provided by partner for an object. This property is accessible only via API.
PartnerPropertiesAPIProperty[]A collection of metadata supplied by the client and stored by the system. These properties are accessible only via API.
PartnerTypexsdDefines partner associated with a subscriber.
PrimaryEmailAddressEmailAddressIndicates primary email address for a subscriber.
PrimarySMSAddressSMSAddressIndicates primary SMS address for a subscriber. Used to create and update SMS Address for a given subscriber.
PrimarySMSPublicationStatusSubscriberAddressStatusIndicates the subscriber's modality status.
StatusSubscriberStatusDefines status of object. Status of an address.
SubscriberKeyxsdIdentification of a specific subscriber.
SubscriberTypeDefinitionSubscriberTypeDefinitionSpecifies if a subscriber resides in an integration, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM
UnsubscribedDatexsdRepresents date subscriber unsubscribed from a list.