The label for the input, to be used instead of the default title case conversion of the property name.


A subtitle for the input.


For information on the @units decorator, see Number Property.

Adds a header before the decorated property, indicating all properties below this decorator (until the next header) are intended to be a section on configurables.


In the preceding example, simpleProperty2 and simpleProperty3 fall under the header "Section Header".

Additional text to describe a section, can be used to provide the end user with instructions.


Basic Markdown rendered before the decorated property. Syntaxes are limited to the following examples.


The @optional decorator enables you to flag properties as either optional or required.

Personalization doesn’t prevent you from saving a campaign with empty or incomplete template properties that are flagged as required. For example, even if a simpleText: string property is tagged as required by using the @optional(false) decorator, a campaign developer can still save a campaign with the simpleText property field left empty or incomplete.

Hides the input from the user.

This decorator can also accept a function in order to hide configurables conditionally. The arguments for the decorator are this, and a function whose first argument is self, the instance of this class.

The function MUST return a boolean true or false. Returning a non-boolean truthy or falsy value (for example, 0, 1, 'some string') throws an error.

The inverse of the @hidden decorator, displays the field if true, hides the field if false.

For information on the @richText decorator, see String Property.

For information on the @options decorator, see Select Property.

Renders a static list of options as a button group.

For information on the @range decorator, see DateTime Property.

Displays the fields of a complex object horizontally.

Arrays of complex objects are rendered like a table. Include headersPerRow: true to show field titles on each row. Optionally render a line to visually divide each row by including dividerLine: true.