Marketing Cloud Personalization Mobile Integrations

Marketing Cloud Personalization web templates are based on responsive HTML and can support web campaigns that are displayed on mobile devices. However, these "standard" web templates cannot leverage all of the features and capabilities available to native mobile apps. For companies and developers who want Personalization to have access to native mobile app features and capabilities, Personalization provides an Apple iOS SDK and Android SDK for mobile app integration.

Personalization provides software development kits (SDKs) that developers can use to integrate Personalization with native iOS and native Android mobile applications. The Personalization mobile SDKs gather information about the user, device, and in-app behavior and send it to Personalization to build profiles, generate statistics, and feed machine learning. The SDKs also handle event responses containing personalization campaigns for qualified mobile application users.

For complete instructions, SDK specifications, and requirements for mobile app developers, refer to the following documentation sites.

Personalization iOS Mobile SDKv1.4.0 (latest)
Personalization Android Mobile SDKv1.4.0 (latest)