Supported Salesforce APIs

Lightning web components are supported for use with many Salesforce APIs. You can access these APIs by importing the specified lightning namespaced modules. Not all features or endpoints on a listed Salesforce API are supported.

CRM Analytics API

Work with CRM Analytics datasets and dashboards. Analytics lenses are currently not supported. See the lightning/analyticsWaveApi wire adapters and functions.

Einstein Discovery API

Retrieve Einstein Discovery stories. Einstein predictions and models are currently not supported. See the lightning/analyticsSmartDataDiscoveryApi wire adapters and functions.


Subscribe to a streaming channel and listen to event messages. See the lightning/empApi module.

Metadata API

Deploy or retrieve a Lightning web component bundle from an org. See the LightningComponentBundle metadata type.

Mobile SDK

Run LWC in hybrid apps. See the Mobile SDK Development Guide.

Salesforce Console API

Work with workspace tabs and subtabs. See the Workspace API. The navigation item and utility bar APIs are not yet supported.

Service Cloud Voice Toolkit API

Access Service Cloud Voice features. See the Service Cloud Voice Implementation Guide.

Tooling API

Work with a Lightning web component bundle using Tooling API. See the LightningComponentBundle and LightningComponentResource objects.


Work with records, list views, and more. See the Lightning Data Service wire adapters and functions.

Lightning web components aren’t supported for use with these tools. To use a Lightning web component with these tools, wrap the component in an Aura component.

  • Lightning Console Navigation Item API
  • Lightning Console Utility Bar API
  • Conversation Toolkit API
  • Omni Toolkit API

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