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lwr build

The lwr build command generates static site files as well as any configuration files for specified command {options}.

-t, --target <target>StringOptionalSet the site deployment target. If a target isn't specified, the default value is default. Accepted values are:
    default - Generates the static site wouthout any configuration options.
    netlify - Generates the static site with a Netlify configuration.
-m, --mode <mode>StringOptionalSet the server mode. Accepted values are prod and prod-compat.
-o, --output <directory>StringOptionalSet the output directory for all of your static site files. If a directory isn't specified, the default value is app.
--cleanBooleanOptionalDelete an existing output directory. If the specified output directory already exists, the console logs a warning. By default, an existing output directory isn't deleted.
-r, --routes <routes...>RoutesOptionalSpecify the routes to include during the build using regex. If routes aren't specified, the default value is [].
-m, --modules <modules...>ModulesOptionalSpecify additional modules to be generated during the build. If modules aren't specified, the default value is [].
-l, --locales <locales...>LocalesOptionalSpecify the list of locales to build your site for. The default value is ['en'].
--minifyBooleanOptionalMinify the build output. By default, build output isn't minified.
-h, --helpOptionalView help text for lwr build options in the CLI.