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Pub/Sub API provides a single interface for publishing and subscribing to platform events, including real-time event monitoring events, and change data capture events. Based on gRPC API and HTTP/2, Pub/Sub API efficiently publishes and delivers binary event messages in the Apache Avro format.

Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions
Not Available in: Government Cloud

Learn about Pub/Sub API by checking out the pages under these sections.

Learn how to create your first subscriber app and discover code samples.

With Pub/Sub API, you can build event-driven integration apps. Here are some examples of what you can do.

  • Publish and subscribe to custom platform events to send and receive real-time notifications in another system for business process integration. Some examples of business process integrations are sending real-time notifications for maintenance service or product orders.
  • Subscribe to change data capture events, and synchronize order data in an external inventory system.
  • Subscribe to Event Monitoring real-time events, and publish a platform event back into Salesforce to restrict a user’s profile when they log into Salesforce after working hours.
  • Subscribe to a standard platform event, such as AppointmentSchedulingEvent, and integrate with Google Calendar to update users’ calendars.

Learn about what Pub/Sub API offers.

  • Publishing, subscribing, and event schema retrieval all in one API.
  • Final publish results of publish operations, and not intermediate queueing results.
  • Flow control that lets you specify how many events to receive in a subscribe call based on event processing speed in the client.
  • Scalable and secure publishing and delivery of platform events, change data capture events, and real-time event monitoring events.
  • Real-time, highly performant data streaming that uses compression through HTTP/2.
  • Support for 11 programming languages in the client that are offered by the gRPC API, such as Python, Java, Node, and C++. For all the supported languages, see
  • An active online developer community presence for gRPC.
  • Bidirectional data streaming through the gRPC API. The client and the server can send a sequence of messages to each other using two independent streams.
  • Cross-cloud integration capabilities enabling the development of event-driven apps that integrate across Salesforce clouds.

Simplify your development with Pub/Sub API by using a single API to work with events instead of using disparate APIs. This table compares the tasks that you perform with Pub/Sub API versus other APIs.

TaskCan accomplish with Pub/Sub APIHow to accomplish with other APIs
Publish platform eventsPub/Sub APIData APIs: SOAP API, REST API, Bulk API
Subscribe to events: platform events, change data capture events, real-time event monitoring events, and standard eventsPub/Sub APIStreaming API
Get the event schemaPub/Sub APIREST API

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