Webinar: Inside the Force.com Query Optimizer

Broadcast April 24, 2013

The Salesforce Platform allows developers to build enterprise applications using Visualforce, Apex and SOQL. To ensure that your applications perform and scale as your business grows, you'll want to write efficient and selective queries. The Force.com query optimizer uses several algorithms to determine the best SQL to generate from your SOQL. Some factors involved in this process include multitenancy, metadata and indexes.

You can read about the content presented in the original webinar. The links in the Resources section help you:

  • Get an overview of multitenancy and metadata
  • Understand how to write selective and scalable SOQL queries
  • Learn how the Force.com query optimizer converts SOQL to SQL
  • See examples of the performance impact of indexes
  • Find out how skinny tables work



  • John Tan - SMTS, CCE Technical Enablement @johntansfdc
  • Jaikumar Bathija - Manager, Software Engineering