MultiServiceAppHandler is a wrapper for CpqAppHandler that automatically handles scaling for processing thousands of sites and orders. Use this class and its methods when processing multiple items for multiple sites.

You can add a pre and post hook for MultiServiceAppHandler as you would for CpqAppHandler. See Create Hooks for MultiServiceAppHandler.

The methods are listed below in logical groups.

getMasterCarts MethodReturns a list of master carts (quotes and orders) for an opportunity.
cloneMasterCart MethodClones an existing master quote or order. It copies all groups and their members. It doesn’t copy Sub Quote/Order.
getGroups MethodReturns a list of groups under a Master/Enterprise (Mega) quote or order, specific for a member-type.
createNewGroup MethodCreates a new group (quote or order) with or without the corresponding Group Quote or Group Order record.
updateGroup MethodUpdates the name and description of a group.
addToGroup MethodAdds a service point to a group.
getObjectFieldsDescribe MethodFor a given set of objects, returns all their fields and details, such as label, name, type, and others.
runCartValidation MethodRuns the Industries CPQ Validate API on a sub quote.
priceCart MethodRuns Industries CPQ pricing API on sub quotes.
groupRollup MethodCalculates the pricing rollups (OneTime, Recurring, Usage) for a group.
applyToGroup MethodStarts the Apply to Group batch job for a group.
createOrderAndSubmit MethodStarts the checkout batch job for a group.
isAllGroupsValidatedAndPriced MethodChecks if all groups are validated and priced successfully. This runs validate VIP.
updateExternalPricingStatus MethodUpdates the external pricing status of a master quote.
removeGroups MethodDeletes a list of groups and their members.
getGroupMembers MethodReturns a set of paginated member-records within a group.
deleteMembers MethodDeletes the selected members from one or multiple groups.
getUngroupedRecords MethodReturns a set of paginated non-members of a specific member type.
invokeBatchSerially MethodPerform multiple batch operations (one after another) on a set of records.
getFieldList MethodReturns the configured fields in FieldSet__c for a specific feature name.
getMemberTypeList MethodReturns a list of CPQ Member Type custom metadata.
refreshCartMSMessage MethodRegenerates all the messages of a group cart.
refreshGroupMSMessage MethodRegenerates all the messages of a group.
cartRollup MethodResponsible for cart rollups.
priceLineItems MethodResponsible for pricing the line items.