Create Items in and Move Items to a Folder

You can use folders, also referred to in SOAP API as categories, to organize information in your account. From there, you can set permissions on those folders to restrict access to authorized users. You can also use folders to group like messages and other content together for ease of use.

When you execute a Create or Update call to object, you can set the Category or CategoryID property on application objects to place those objects in a specific folder. For example, when creating a new list, you can include the following code to place that list in a folder of your choice (as shown in .NET code):

If you choose to update an existing object with a Category or CategoryID property, you can include the sample code below in the call to assign it to the specified category:

Marketing Cloud Engagement supports these category content types.

  • Group
  • Publication
  • List
  • DataExtension
  • Email
  • EmailSendDefinition
  • ContentArea