Incoming Date Normalization

This page contains information about the normalization of incoming dates and times to the server time through a SOAP message on the API.

The Marketing Cloud application normalizes the following three date and time formats represented in a SOAP message:

yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm2009-08-21T18:32:15ZUTC format
2009-08-21T14:32:15Unknown timezone, considered to be the server time
yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:dd-zz2009-08-21T12:02:15-06:30Time offset from UTC by specified amount

All three of the times listed above refer to the same point in time on the server.

The time normalization applies to the following methods and parameters. The API searches for properties with a type of DateTime in any objects passed in through these parameters. The API then normalizes any time formats found, and this normalization applies recursively to any nested objects.

Any response including the incoming request object presents a different time in that response. For example, the CreateResult object on a Create call contains the object from the request and presents any dates in the returned object in server time.

If normalization causes problems for your SOAP API implementation, contact your Marketing Cloud representative to disable this feature.

CreateResult Object