The RetrieveRequest object retrieves data from the system.

NameData TypeDescription
ClientIDsClientID[]Specifies accounts and sub-accounts, including Enterprise 2.0, On-Your-Behalf, and Lock & Publish accounts, from which to retrieve data.
ContinueRequestxsdRepresents the RequestID that identifies a previous Retrieve requestto continue processing (returns the next available batch of data for that request).
FilterFilterPartSpecifies filter to apply to retrieve.
ObjectTypexsdSpecifies whether the object is a List, Subscriber, Email, or other type of object.
OptionsRetrieveOptionsOptions associated with a request. For a Configure call, options include CREATE or DELETE.
PartnerPropertiesAPIProperty[]A collection of metadata supplied by the client and stored by the system. These properties are accessible only via API.
PropertiesxsdSpecifies an array of property definitions available for an object type. You can retrieve allowed properties using the Describe method.
QueryAllAccountsxsdQueries all accounts, including parent and all children, regarding an event (ignores specified ClientIDs).
RepeatLastResultxsdUsed with RetrieveAllSinceLastBatch option to repeat returning a date-based request.
RespondToAsyncResponse[]Reserved for future use.
RetrieveAllSinceLastBatchxsdRetrieve all data since last retrieve context. Works with added and modified data. You must include the same properties and filters as the previous request.
RetrievesRequest[]Reserved for future use.