Introduction to Lightning Web Runtime

Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) enables you to build digital experiences that meet the high scale, security, and performance demands of modern web applications. LWR at its simplest is a non-opinionated way to configure and load the modules, services, and dependency providers you need to build a JavaScript app.

Some benefits of LWR are:

  • Performance—Our bar is set at subsecond full page loads
  • Friction-Free—An enjoyable local development experience
  • Power—All the power of Lightning Web Components and the Salesforce platform at your disposal

LWR describes any configurable aspects of the application in a well-defined, portable format. Because of this flexible deployment model, you can deploy on a variety of runtime environments, depending on your use case. For example, LWR works in a local Node.js runtime, or as a standalone instance in Heroku.