Get Started with Messaging for In-App

We provide a UI SDK and a Core SDK for both iOS and Android. The UI SDK gives you a ready-to-use messaging user interface. You can use the default colors, UI text, and icons, or you can customize the UI so that it looks and feels like the rest of your mobile app. The Core SDK gives you access to the lower-level APIs without any UI elements. With the Core SDK, developers can build the UI experience to their specifications. For most customers, using the UI SDK with some customizations is the best balance between implementation effort and a customized interface.

Messaging for In App Effort vs Customization

If you want to take advantage of our out-of-the-box user interface and user experience, try the Messaging for In-App UI SDK (iOS, Android). To build a UI SDK app, add the In-App Messaging view to your app. With the UI SDK, you get all the latest Messaging for In-App features built right into the user interface, including bot support, pre-chat forms, sending and receiving photos and files, push notifications, estimated wait time. In addition, you can customize the colors, the UI text, and the icons.

Messaging for In App iOS Example

To create your own UI from scratch, use the Core SDK (iOS, Android), which provides you with all the basic messaging functionality without any user interface elements.

​​The UI SDK also includes the Core SDK.

Before setting up the SDK, review the Before You Begin content and then set up your Salesforce org to use Messaging for In-App. From there, you can get started with your iOS or Android app.

To learn more about Messaging for In-App and Web, visit our learning map.