Overview of STAR Integrations

Use the Automotive Cloud Integrations API, built on the open STAR Standard, to enable the secure exchange of automotive retail data. Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) is a nonprofit, dues-paying organization whose members include dealers, manufacturers, retail system providers, and automotive-related industry organizations.

The extensible mark-up language (XML) standards that STAR creates are referred to as Business Object Documents (BODs) and are based on the Open Applications Group (OAG) development methodology.

Each BOD is a combination of the Application Area and Data Area. Application Area contains Sender, CreationDateTime, BODID, Signature, and Destination. It's standard across the BODs. The Data Area contains the Noun and Verb for a BOD. The verbs describe the various actions that can occur.

Automotive Cloud integration exposes the STAR standard APIs that customers can use to bring data into Automotive Cloud from any external system. Automotive Cloud APIs include these BOD resources: