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The increasingly complex, multi-partner digital services value chain raises new challenges in terms of ensuring time-to-market, seamless management, cost-effectiveness, and revenue sharing. The Open API program of the TM Forum is a global initiative to enable end-to-end seamless connectivity, interoperability, and portability across complex ecosystem-based services. The TMF Open API suite is a set of standard REST-based APIs that enable rapid, repeatable, and flexible integration among operations and management systems to make it easier to create, build, and operate complex innovative services.

TM Forum's Open APIs are technology agnostic and can be used in any digital service scenario, including B2B, Internet of Things, Smart Health, Smart Grid, Big Data, NFV, Next Generation OSS/BSS, and more.

To know more about the TM Forum Open API program and the adoption of Open APIs by companies worldwide, see Introduction to TM Forum Open APIs.

Salesforce provides these solutions as part of the TM Forum API implementation:

  • Industry APIs - Industry APIs are developed using the TM Forum standards and exposed on top of Salesforce Communications Cloud to enable external systems to interact with the Salesforce data models.
  • Industry Integrations - These are pre-built integration applications built using the TM Forum standards that enable specific Communications Cloud processes to interact with external systems.