Get Started with Event Notification Service

The Event Notification Service (ENS) only sends events related to the Transactional Messaging API. For more information see Transactional Messaging API

  • Set up your development environment to use Marketing Cloud Engagement APIs.

  • In Installed Packages, create an API integration to get a client ID and client secret. Use the following permissions settings for the API integration.

    • Event Notifications: Callbacks - Read, Create, Update, Delete
    • Event Notifications: Subscriptions - Read, Create, Update, Delete

Ensure that your client ID and secret are stored securely. Never expose this information on the client side via JavaScript or store it in a mobile application.

  1. Supply an HTTPS callback URL, also known as a webhook, for your application. HTTP is not supported for callback URLs. 2.Register and verify your callback URL.
  2. Create a subscription that requests notification events. A subscription indicates which event types to receive notifications for and which callback, or webhook, to receive them on.
  3. Prepare your system for the possibility of receiving a notification event more than once because the ENS is an "at least once" delivery system.

To stop receiving notifications, you can pause a subscription any time. When you unpause the subscription, only new event notifications are delivered. Notification events that occurred during the pause are dropped.