POST /platform/v1/ens-callbacks

Registers a new callback to receive event notifications. You must register and verify your callback before you use it in a subscription.

callbackNamestringRequired. The name of the callback.
urlstringRequired. The URL of the customer callback that receives event notifications in the format https://host[/path]. Ports and query string aren’t supported. The URL must be syntactically correct and not already registered as a callback URL.
maxBatchSizeintegerThe maximum number of events that this callback can receive in a single call. The default value is 1,000. For the minimum and maximum batch sizes, see API Limits and Guidelines.

Your URL endpoint must be online and reachable before you create a callback. The Event Notification Service immediately attempts to post verification details to the endpoint.

If your callback doesn’t respond within 30 seconds or returns a non-200 HTTP status, the callback creation fails with a 400 HTTP status. Reason codes for these failures resemble this example.

201 CreatedCallback created. Review example response.
304 No ChangeCallback already exists on the server.
400 Bad RequestUnable to process the request.
403 ForbiddenFailed to pass authorization.
500 Server ErrorInternal error