Get Started with Composable Storefront

Follow this recommended developer workflow to efficiently create a performant site with Composable Storefront. Optional tasks are also identified.

Unless otherwise stated, all of these tasks apply to sites that are either built 100% on Composable Storefront or phased headless rollouts.

Get a short orientation then build and deploy a demo site.

Understand the benefits of Composable Storefront. Get support during your development journey.

Get your PWA Kit site up and running quickly. Follow these guides to understand the recommended process for getting set up and developing your site. Use template extensibility with the Retail React App to customize your site.


Use these no-code features to complete some site design and merchandising tasks.

Discover the keys to a smooth site launch and ensure a positive shopper experience from Day 1. Learn how to effectively monitor key metrics and perform essential maintenance tasks to keep your site running smoothly after launch.

Is part of your site on Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) or SiteGenesis? Check these guides for additional tasks that apply to only phased headless rollouts.