POST /sms/v1/messageContact/{id}/send

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Initiates a message to one or more mobile numbers.

idstringRequiredThe encoded message ID
mobileNumbersarrayRequiredAn array of one or more mobile numbers
SubscribersarrayArray of up to 250 subscriber records where the message is sent to. Subscribers is different from mobileNumbers because it allows you to specify a SubscriberKey value and the mobile number as the unique identifier for that record.
Subscribers.MobileNumberstringSpecifies the mobile number used as the unique identifier for that record.
Subscribers.SubscriberKeystringSpecifies the SubscriberKey value used as the unique identifier for that record.
Subscribers.AttributesarraySet real-time attributes for individual personalization strings, per subscriber. The subscriber attribute must match the attribute string in the message. You can pass attributes that are not used as attributes in the message into the SMS send log. The dictionary key is available as a standard replacement string in AMPScript.
subscribebooleanFlag to indicate a subscription should be created if none exist
resubscribebooleanFlag to indicate a subscription should be reset if currently unsubscribed
keywordstringThe keyword must align with code on message. Required when subscribe and/or resubscribe are true.
overridebooleanFlag to indicate that the contact is receive the messageText as provided instead of the message's original text
messageTextstringText value to be used in place of the message's original text. This value is required when override is true.
blackoutWindowobjectDetails about the window of time where messages should not be sent. Messages initiated inside of this window will be queued and delivered once the window is open.
blackoutWindow.UtcOffsetstringThe UTC offset of the blockoutWindow start and end times. UtcOffset is required in every REST call in order for the blockoutWindow to be honored.
blackoutWindow.WindowStartstringThe start time of the blockout window, in the UTC offset specified. To see if the SendTime is within the blockoutWindow, convert the WindowStart and WindowEnd times to UTC and compare them to the SendTime.
blackoutWindow.WindowEndstringThe end time of the blockoutWindow, in the UTC offset specified. To see if the SendTime is within the blockoutWindow, convert the WindowStart and WindowEnd times to UTC and compare them to the SendTime.
SendTimeUTC TimeDate and Time in UTC that the message will go out. Example format: 2012-10-17 17:01. The blockoutWindow will still be respected if used with this option. If you attempt to send during the blockoutWindow, the message is scheduled to send one second after the blockoutWindow ends. If the SendTime is set to a date and time in the past, the message will send immediately.
ContentURLstringThe URL of the media content sent via an MMS message.

The phone number must use the correct format for the designated country code. For example, a mobile number from the United States must include the numerical country code 1 and the area code displayed in the sample CSV file. The numerical country code mentioned here applies only to the phone number itself, and that any separate field containing country code information must conform to ISO-3306-1 alpha-2 standards.

Example Request

To ensure that the mobile number exists for the contact and that the contact subscribed to the specified keyword on your short code, set the Subscribe and Resubscribe values to true.

To provide an alternate unique value for referencing these records, pass another identifier with the mobile number. You can’t pass both the Subscribers parameter and a mobileNumber parameter outside of a Subscribers parameter. Choose the option that best fits your call.

The MobileConnect message with API key MzA6Nzg6MA is saved in Marketing Cloud Engagement with only one open personalization string equal to %%FirstName%%. The following call sends two messages: one with "Michael" used for first name, the other with "Kristen".

Example Response

If the request is valid, the API returns a token that can be used to make a follow-up call to check the status of the request.

Error Response

If the request was not valid, the API returns a 400 response with details on the error. This example includes the following errors:

  • The keyword does not exist in the account

  • The mobile number includes hyphens

Message id {0} is not valid.The messageID value provided in the URL was not in a valid format.
Message {0} is not valid for the client.The messageID value included in the URL does not match a valid value within the account.
The count of mobile numbers or subscribers cannot be zero.Pass at least one number in the mobileNumbers parameter or in the Subscribers parameter.
An array of mobile numbers and an array of subscribers cannot be provided at the same time.When passing in the target audience, either the mobileNumbers parameter or the Subscribers parameter must be used, but not both in a single request.
A subscriber object must have both a mobile number and subscriber key defined.The subscriber details being passed is missing either the MobileNumber or SubscriberKey parameter.
Keyword cannot be blank when Subscribe or Resubscribe are true.If the Subscribe or Resubscribe options are set to true, specify the keyword parameter.
Keyword is not necessary when Subscribe and Resubscribe are false.Keyword value is not needed if the Subscribe and Resubscribe options are not being used.
Keyword {0} is invalid for the code on the message.The keyword provided does not exist for the provided messageId.
Message is blank and no override message was provided.The message definition within the MobileConnect interface does not have a message specified so the messageText parameter is required.
Cannot override message text with a blank message.The parameter for Override was set to true, but the value passed for messageText does not contain a value.
MessageText is not applicable when Override is false.If Override is set to true, the call does not require passing a value for messageText.
An unexpected error occurred, please contact Customer Support with reference id {0}.If this unexpected error is presented, take note of the reference id value returned in the error and contact Salesforce Global Support for more information.
Invalid phone numberEnter a valid phone number in the mobileNumber parameter for the subscriber.
No valid subscribers were providedNone of the numbers provided were valid. Check the mobileNumber parameter for all of the subscribers.